Reports from Korea suggest that BOE is facing technical challenges as it struggles to become an OLED supplier for Apple's iPhone 15

According to reports from Korea, BOE is developing smartphone OLED displays  for Apple's iPhone 15 range, but it is facing technical hurdles.

Apple iPhone 14 photo

Specifically, the iPhone 15 design has a camera (and FaceID sensors) punch-hole inside the OLED, and BOE's panel suffer from light leakage from the OLED into the camera hole area.


Apple introduced a camera hole design in the iPhone 14 Pro, and this feature will be used in all of the four iPhone 15 models. According to The Elec, it may be that Apple will cancel all iPhone 15 screen orders from BOE, and will rely solely on Samsung Display and LG Display. This will depend if BOE can solve this problem before June.

It seems that controlling the light leakage is a serious Challenge. Both SDC and LGD had to apply thin-fim encapsulation, inkjet printing of materials to protect the touch electrode and also apply light-blocking materials around the camera lens.

Posted: Mar 03,2023 by Ron Mertens