Omdia updates its Apple laptop and tablet OLED adoption forecast, says market to grow to 72 million units by 2028

Omdia updated its forecast for Apple's OLED adoption in its IT devices (iPads and Notebooks), saying that the company will begin the OLED transition with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro due later in 2024.

Samsung Display and LG Display will be Apple's suppliers, and the two companies will adopt new technologies. SDC will produce rigid glass based LTPO tandem AMOLEDs and LG will produce flexible AMOLEDs, at its E6 line. Omdia estimates that Apple will pay $80-90 for the 11" displays and $120-130 for the 12.9" displays, without the touch and cover glass (which will add $20-30 per display).


Omdia sees Apple's adoption of OLED displays to dramatically increase the volume of IT OLED shipments, saying that in 2023 about 7.1 million such OLEDs hipped, and this is set to grow to 17.2 million in 2024, and eventually to 72.3 million by 2028 - a penetration of 14 in the total mobile PC display market.

Posted: Feb 21,2024 by Ron Mertens