Here is Tianma's CFOT rollable AMOLED display

In March 2021 Tianma unveiled a new OLED display technology, which it refers to as CFOT OLED - a polarizer-free OLED that adopts color-filters instead to remove reflections. The company demonstrated a 8.03" CFOT OLED prototype at SID Displayweek 2021:

Tianma says that a CFOT OLED enables a thinner design, improves the light emittance and also cuts the power consumption by 20%. The 8.03" display offers a resolution of 2000x2544 (403 PPI).


In March Samsung Display unveiled its own POL-LESS OLED design, which also improves the brightness and thickness of its foldable OLEDs by removing the polarizers and adopting a thin layer of color filters instead. BOE also demonstrated a similar panel at Displayweek 2021.

Posted: May 18,2021 by Ron Mertens