DSCC: OLED panel shipments increased in Q3, with strong shipments from Visionox, LGD and CSoT

DSCC reports that according to its information, OLED panel shipments in Q3 2023 increased 14% from last year (and 18% from the previous quarter) to reach 205 million units. There are positive signs that inventory has started to rebalance for some categories.

OLED smartphone shipments increased 12% over last quarter (and 25% from last year), while OLED TV shipments continue to be soft, and dropped 14% from last quarter and 40% (!) from last year.



SDC continues to be the leading AMOLED producer by volume, with a market share of 45%. In the last few months, Visionox, LGD and CSoT have all shown increased shipments, especially Visionox. BOE, Visionox, LGD and Tianma all hold a market share of around 9-12%.

Posted: Nov 14,2023 by Ron Mertens