Did Tianma develop its own polarizer-free foldable CFOT OLED architecture?

Tianma unveiled a new OLED display technology, which it refers to as CFOT OLED. This new foldable AMOLED display improves over the company's previous design with a lowered power consumption. The new displays are also thinner than before. The company demonstrated a 8.3-inch CFOT OLED:

Tianma CFOT foldable OLED prototype photo

We do not know much about this new technology. But from the performance boost and the CF part of the name, it is likely that this is a polarizer-free OLED that adopts color-filters instead to remove reflections.

Only yesterday we reported on Samsung Display's own POL-LESS OLED design, which also improves the brightness and thickness of its foldable OLEDs by removing the polarizers and adopting a thin layer of color filters instead.
Posted: Mar 31,2021 by Ron Mertens