BOE shows new OLED technologies at SID Displayweek 2021

BOE demonstrates several new OLED technologies at SID Displayweek 2021. First up is a new rollable display. The new display is 8-inch in size, and it features a resolution of 2592x2176 and a bending radius of 4 mm. BOE says the new display passed over 200,000 sliding cycles.

Last year at Displayweek 2020, BOE demonstrated a 12-inch rollable OLED. It has since been working with LG Electronics on the company's rollable smartphone (which was since canceled as LG withdrew from the smartphone market) and with OPPO on a 7.4-inch sliding OLED phone.


The second display is a new wearable AMOLED that uses LTPO and COE to achieve power saving of 25%. The display is 1.57-inch in size with a 324x394 resolution.

BOE ultimate power saving AMOLED (SID Displayweek 2021)

The LTPO backplane enables dynamic refresh rate - from 1Hz to 60Hz which results in a power saving of 10%. The COE (Color filter On Encapsulation) technology uses color filters instead of a polarizer and achieves a power saving of 15%.

In March 2021 we reported on Samsung Display's own POL-LESS OLED design, which also improves the brightness and thickness of its foldable OLEDs by removing the polarizers and adopting a thin layer of color filters instead. Tianma also develops a similar technology.

The third display is a new customized OLED, in which BOE can freely shape the display size. It's not clear what kind of technology BOE is using, but these displays look beautiful. The character-type panel is 13.3" 960x1920 in size, while the heart-shaped panel is 12.6" (1440x1440).

BOE customized OLED shape (SID Displayweek 2021)

Finally BOE is also showing an OLED display with an under-the-OLED camera. The OLED itself is a 6.55" 2400x1080 panel that features a brightness of 500 nits. The FDC area PPI is 400 and the optical transmittance is 16% at 550 nm and 25% at 940 nm.

Under-the-OLED cameras are starting to appear and while first reviews are underwhelming, it is likely that the technology will improve.

BOE also demonstrated latest emissive-QD display (AMQLED). The 55-inch display offers a 3840x2160 (4K) resolution, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 : 1 and a wide color gamut (90% BT2020). BOE says that all the functional layers of this display (HIL, HTL, QD and ETL) were ink-jet printed which enable BOE to achieve a material utilization rate of over 90%.

Posted: May 18,2021 by Ron Mertens