A few weeks ago Everdisplay demonstrated several AMOLED prototypes, including some new displays such as a 0.95" square AMOLED and a 1.2" circular one.

EDO AMOLED lineup spec (July 2016)

In a recent tradeshow, Everdisplay demonstrated these new displays, but now the company unveiled the specifications of its new panels. The 0.95" square AMOLED features a resolution of 180x120 (228 PPI), a thickness of 0.5 mm and a luminance of 350 nits. The 1.2" circular panel is 390x390 (326 PPI), 0.4 mm thick and with the same luminance of 350 nits.

The 1.41" square AMOLED offers a 360x320 resolution (341 PPI) and a thickness of 0.5 mm. The brightness is, again 350 nits. The 1.4" circular "blade" AMOLED has a resolution of 400x400 (287 PPI) and is only 0.3 mm thick. The brightness, however, is a bit lower at 300 nits.

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