Samsung Display details its future sensor technologies for under-the-OLED solutions

On October 19 Samsung held its 2018 Samsung OLED Forum, in Shenzhen, China, during which the company highlighted its OLED technology roadmap.

SDC sensor integrated tech slide (Oct 2018)

In an interesting slide, Samsung shows its roadmap for integrating sensors into the OLED display. Samsung's vision includes putting a fingerprint sensor, a camera (Under Panel Sensor, or UPS), speaker (Sound on Display) and also Haptic capabilities.

Under-the-display fingerprint sensors are already entering the market, while Samsung already demonstrated a Sound On Display prototype in May 2018. Putting a front/selfie camera under the OLED as well will enable Samsung to eliminate the smartphone "notch" and enable a screen that covers the entire front of the display without the need for a pop-up or sliding camera solutions.

Posted: Oct 20,2018 by Ron Mertens