Samsung Display demonstrates its latest OLED displays at SID 2018

Samsung Display had a large booth at SID DisplayWeek, showcasing its latest OLED technologies (and also its QD-enhanced LCD TVs).

A large part of SDC's booth was dedicated to the company's automotive OLED technologies which included a wide range of flexible and rollable OLED displays - including flexible, transparent, rollable and a lightfield display.

SDC 12.3'' 1000R automotive flexible OLED prototype at SID 2018

There was a 12.3" 1920x720 (167 PPI) slightly-curved (1000R) display that looks very nice and an "S-curved" (100R convex / 140 R concave) 12.4" 1200x1920 (182 PPI) display.

SDC S-Type 12.4'' flexible automotive OLED at SID 2018

Finally, and probably the most impressive display, was Samsung's 14" 960x540 (78.4 PPI) rollable OLED that had a bending radius of 10R. The display looked great and it seems Samsung is indeed gearing up to commercialize rollable displays in the near future.

SDC also demonstrated a transparent 4.94" 360x112 (76 PPI) AMOLED that offers a transparency of 44% and a 7" 1280x800 (216 PPI) lightfield display that supports 18 view points using SDC's binocular disparity vergence motion parallax technology.

SDC 4.94'' transparent automotive OLED prototype and spec at SID 2018

The final automotive display was an "unbreakable" 6.22" 1440x2960 (529 PPI) display. Apparently SDC is using an all-plastic design, specifically for an automotive environment which of course can benefit from such a durable display.

For the first time, Samsung unveiled an OLED display that also acts as a speaker - a similar technology, it seems, to LG's crystal-sound OLEDs. Samsung's "Sound on display" prototype was a 6.22" 1440x2960 display that was configured to use as a telephony-receiver.

Another interesting display was one with an force sensor that can work underwater. Samsung calls this an "Aqua-force senor" OLED, and the prototype on show was a 5.77" 1440x2960 (571 PPI) one that was shown to work indeed underwater.

SDC Aquaforce sensor AMOLED at SID 2018

In addition to these displays, Samsung also showed its 12" 2160x1440 (217 PPI) AMOLED panel, as adopted by the Galaxy Book and its Galaxy S9 and S9 plus smartphones.

As we reported yesterday, Samsung also unveiled three new VR AMOLED panels, including its flagship 120 Hz 2.43" 3840x2160 (1200 PPI) 250-nits panel.

Posted: May 30,2018 by Ron Mertens