Samsung Display unveils new VR AMOLED displays at SID 2018

Samsung Display unveiled new OLED technologies and displays at SID 2018 - including some new and enhanced VR AMOLED prototype panels.

The first panel on display was a 3.5" 1440x1600 (616 PPI) 90Hz display, and the second was a 3.2" 1824x1824 (806 PPI) 90Hz display.

Samsung also demonstrated its flagship VR panel - a 120 Hz 2.43" 3840x2160 (1200 PPI) 250-nits. This is a very impressive panel, although LGD demonstrated an even high density 4.3" 1443 PPI OLED, developed in collaboration with google.

SDC 2.43'' 1200 PPI VR AMOLED at SID 2018

SDC's most advanced VR display currently in production, as far as we know, is a 3.5" 615 PPI 90Hz panel.

SDC 2.43'' 1200 PPI VR AMOLED spec at SID 2018

Posted: May 29,2018 by Ron Mertens