RitDisplay to produce OTFT-driven AMOLED displays by 2026 in collaboration with Smartkem

UK-based OTFT display backplane developer SmartKem announced that it signed a collaboration agreement with based PMOLED-maker RiTdisplay, for the production of OTFT-based AMOLED displays. SmartKem further said that Innovate UK and the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs will support this project with a grant of around $530,000.

Smartkem TruFlex structure image

Smartkem will provide its proprietary OTFT materials to RiTdisplay to integrate within its OLED displays. If successful, the project will create the world's first commercially ready AMOLED display made using organic transistors, which will outperform RiT's PMOLEDs with higher brightness, lower power consumption and higher resolutions. Both companies hope that the project will be completed in 2026. 


Smartkem also aims to engage the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan to develop a 2.5-Gen (370mm x 470mm) backplane process using Smartkem's materials, which it believes will enable faster transfer to manufacturing equipment for commercial production after the project with RiTdisplay is completed in 2026.

This project follows up on Smartkems's 2021 joint development agreement with RiTdisplay

Posted: Mar 25,2024 by Ron Mertens