RiTDisplay and SmartKem join forces to develop OTFT-AMOLED displays

UK-based OTFT display backplane developer SmartKem announced that it has signed a joint development agreement with Taiwan-based PMOLED-maker RiTdisplay, for the production of OTFT-based AMOLED display prototypes.

Smartkem TruFlex structure image

SmartKem's technology could enable RiTDisplay to produce AMOLED displays at a lower cost, and, more significantly, to use its own PMOLED production line without the large investment needed for an LTPS AMOLED Line. The current agreement includes a prototype display development, it will have to be seen whether it will be expanded in the future for actual production.

<--break->SmartKem's OTFT backplane materials (branded as TRUFLEX) are designed to be used in standard process equipment. RiTdisplay believes that it will be able to produce high-performance, high-flexibility and highly-reliable OTFT-AMOLED displays, at a lower cost compared to other AMOLED displays on the market.

Earlier this year SmartKem closed a $24.6 million private placement financing. Smartkem is developing backplane materials for OLEDs, ePaper and mini-LED devices. We recently posted an interview with the company's CEO and chairman, Ian Jenks.

RiTdisplay is one of the world's leading PMOLED maker. The company actually has a history of trying to produce AMOLED displays. Back in 2012, RiT, together with IGNIS Innovation, aimed to start producing AMOLED displays on a-Si backplanes, with compensation technology provided by IGNIS. RiT actually started production, but this project was later abandoned. We hope that this new OTFT-based project will be more successful.

A couple of years ago RiT announced a shift to MicroLED display production (in collaboration with PlayNitride, who also become a major shareholder in the company) as PMOLED sales slowed down. We do not know what is the status of this microLED project.

Posted: Oct 13,2021 by Ron Mertens