RiTDisplay sees lower PMOLED sales, shifts focus to micro LED displays

Taiwan-based PMOLED display maker RiTDisplay's CEO says that the company's PMOLED sales has been affected by e-cigarette bans in the US, and the company is now shifting its focus to develop micro LED displays (and also mini-LED ones). RiTDisplay's revenues in 2019 to date, $47.1 million USD, decreased 32.4% compared to last year.

PlayNitride high-brightness high-density passive-matrix wearable Micro-LED prototype (SID 2019)

In May 2019 RiTDisplay announced a strategic partnership and share swap with Taiwan-based MicroLED developer PlayNitride. As part of the partnership, RiTDisplay gained access to PlayNitride's technology and is able to produce and sell micro-LED panel based on this technology and IP.

RiTDisplay aims to initiate passive-matrix micro-LED display production in 2020, in both rigid and flexible forms. In June 2019 it was reported that a US-based smartwatch brand will start a design process in Q3 2019 using RiTDisplay's micro-LED displays. RiT was reportedly to start shipping samples in Q4 2019. There were some conflicting reports, but some suggest that this customer could be no other than Apple.

MicroLED offer higher brightness and efficiency compared to OLED displays - and while there are still some technical challenges to overcome, initial production could begin for relatively simple passive-matrix wearable displays. Click here for our PMOLED Market Report - to learn more about this market.

Posted: Dec 19,2019 by Ron Mertens