During CES Asia 2016, Everdisplay demonstrated several AMOLED prototypes, including some new ones. For the wearable market, EDO is showing several displays:

  • 1.2" circular
  • 0.95" square
  • 1.41" square
  • 1.4" circular (already in production)

Everdisplay AMOLED lineup (CES Asia 2016)

EDO announced that the 1.2" panel will enter production in July 2016 - and the company says that Huawei will launch a smartwatch with this display in September. EDO also reveals that Hauwei's 1.4" round Watch (shipping now for $349 - $799) uses an AMOLED made by EDO, as well.

Everdisplay also demonstrated a 6" AMOLED panel that is aimed for Virtual Reality application. They did not reveal details, but the refresh rate is probably higher than in the company's smartphone panels.

Everdisplay also demonstrated displays it has shown before - including the 5.6 WQHD" flexible AMOLED, the 6" 4K (734 PPI) AMOLED and the 8" FHD automotive AMOLED. The company is currently producing smartphone sized AMOLEDs (5.2" HD and 5.5" FHD).

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