Everdisplay reports an increased financial loss in the first half of 2023 as demand for OLED displays continues to be weak

China-based AMOLED producer Everdisplay (EDO) reported its financial results for the first half of 2023. The company's income was 1.373 billion yuan ($189 million USD), a decrease of 23.4% from the first half of 2022. The company's loss was 1.296 billion yuan ($178 million USD), an increase of 173% from 2022. 

Everdisplay 6-gen flexible OLED fab Shanghai (render)

Everdisplay attributes its loss to the global economic recession that results in weak demand for consumer electronics, and also to the overcapacity in the industry which leads to aggressive pricing by OLED makers. In addition to the market conditions, Everdisplay's interest expenses has increased and exchange rate fluctuations results in more losses.

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Omdia: small-size AMOLED display shipments down 6% in 2022

Omdia says that small-size (under 9") AMOLED display shipments dropped 6% in 2022 to 762 million units, due to lower demand for smartphones.

Samsung remains the leading AMOLED maker, with a 56% market share (by unit), down from 61% in 2021, with BOE in the second plane (12%) and LG Display in the third place (11%). The next producers by shipments are Visionox and Everdisplay.

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SAIC's Zhiji L7 uses a 12.8" AMOLED produced by Everdisplay

In 2021, China-based SAIC launched the Zhiji L7, an electric sports sedan that offered 615-1,000 Km range (depending on the model), wireless charging, side-view mirrors semi-autonomous driving.

SAIC Zhiji L7 interior

The Zhiji L7 has a center AMOLED display produced by China's Everdisplay. This is a 12.8" 1728x1888 automotive-grade AMOLED, that offers a lifetime of over 10,000 hours (LT80).

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EverDisplay updates on its latest fab expansion project, its latest financial results and the effect of the COVID outbreak in Shanghai

China-based AMOLED producer Everdisplay is progressing with its expansion plan for its 6-Gen production line in Shanghai. EDO's new line, which will have a monthly capacity of 15,000 substrates is progressing as planned, with trial production expected in 2023.

Everdisplay 6-gen flexible OLED fab Shanghai (render)

It seems as if EDO is targeting automotive applications for its latest AMOLED displays. The company already started developing OLEDs for automotive applications in 2015, and now the company is now stepping up its efforts, as large displays are entering the automotive market.

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Everdisplay's 1.6" AMOLED displays are now available at the OLED Marketplace

China's Everdisplay started to produce a new 1.6" 360x320 AMOLED display, and these are now available in the OLED Marketplace. These small OLED displays are suitable for many applications, including wearables.

If you are interested in this display for your device or new project, contact us now, or check out more information over at the OLED Marketplace. We also list many other EDO AMOLED displays, including foldable displays and laptop displays.

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OLED production will grow 94% in Q2 2021, as demand for OLED panels increases

DSCC says that OLED production will grow 94% in the Q2 2021, fueled by strong demand for OLED in smartphones, TVs and other devices - coupled with a recovery from the pandemic. Growth in OLED input area for small & medium displays is expected to grow 68%, while grow in OLED TV input area will grow by 134% over last year.

OLED and LCD production capacity (2019-2021, DSCC)

The chart above shows the total OLED (and mobile LCD) industry capacity. As you can see, flexible OLED capacity is growing - mainly from expansions by CSoT, Tianma and Visionox. There's also growth in rigid OLED capacity - from Everdisplay and JOLED.

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EDO progresses towards its IPO, will use the funds to construct a new 6-Gen AMOLED fab

Earlier this month we reported that China-based AMOLED producer EverDisplay (EDO) has become a public company. We have been a bit early, but the company is progressing on its IPO registration and has released some more information regarding is business.

Everdisplay display revenues by application (2017-2020H1)

The company is raising 10 billion Yuan ($1.5 billion USD) and most of these funds will be used to construct the company's new 6-Gen AMOLED line. As you can see in the image above, almost all the company's OLED panels are used in smartphones and wearables. But in 2020 the company also started to produce laptop and tablet displays - EDO recently started to make 11", 12.8" and 15.6" rigid and foldable AMOLED displays for laptop devices. We list many EDO OLED displays in the OLED Marketplace.

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Everdisplay goes public and is now listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange Star Market

AMOLED producer China-based EverDisplay (EDO) has become a public company and it is now listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Star Market. The company also released its financial results for the past few years.

Everdisplay 6-gen flexible OLED fab Shanghai (render)

The company increased its sales in recent years, rising from 600 million Yuan in 2017 to 800 million in 2018, 1.5 billion in 2019 and 900 million in H1 2020. EDO still suffers from losses, though, and in the first half of 2020 a net loss of 500 million Yuan.

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DSCC details the OLED smartwatch panel market in 2020

DSCC posted an interesting chart that details OLED smartwatch shipments by supplier. This is an interesting market as there are almost 10 suppliers with no dominant player:

OLED smartwatch shipments by supplier (DSCC, 2017-2020)

In fact DSCC says that there are five different OLED panel makers (BOE, SDC, LGD, EDO and Truly) that each has a market share over 10% in 2020.

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