DSCC: OLED panel revenues to decline in 2023, in a second consecutive year

DSCC says that OLED panel revenues will decline 7% in 2023 (to $38.9 billion), the second consecutive year that the OLED market is seeing a decline in sales. The largest declines will be in the OLED TVs and laptops segments.

The OLED smartphone market will actually grow 4% in unit sales, but revenues will decline 5%. The OLED TV market will decline 29% in 2023 in both revenues and units. OLED laptop unit sales will decline by 15%. All other segments, including AR/VR, automotive and tablets, will grow in sales and revenues in 2023. 


Looking at panel suppliers, DSCC says Samsung Display will continue and decline in its market share, even though the company will be the only supplier to provide all four iPhone 15 panels in 2023 and it will see good growth in its monitor, automotive, tablet and smartphone sales. LGD will see its market share grow to 22% as its shipments to Apple and the monitor and automotive markets will grow.

Posted: Jun 21,2023 by Ron Mertens