Romical logoRomical was established in 2016 in Korea, to develop and produce OLED lighting solutions. The company also offers security lighting solutions and software development services.

Romical says it developed a technology to increase light output in OLED panels, that will enable it to produce high performance OLED panels - an efficiency of 220 lm/w, long lifetime (70,000 hours), no heat output and a low cost. The company acquired the OLED production facilities of NeoView Kolon.

Nippon Shokubai

Nippon Shokubai logoJapan-based Nippon Shokubai, established in 1941, is a chemical producer and supplier. The company offers many materials, and say that it is the world leader (by market share) of superabsorbent polymers.

Nippon Shokubai is developing its own OLED lighting panel product, branded as iOLED.

Aomori OLED

Aomori OLED logoAomori OLED was established by Kaneka in 2010 to handle the production and marketing of the company's OLED lighting technologies and panels.


INURU logoGermany based Inuru developed an interactive "smart surface" technology that enable light-emitting (based on OLED lighting devices) packaging and advertisement labels and solutions.

Inuru's first project enabled Coca Cola Singapore's Star Wars campaign in 2019. Inuru apparently developed its own printed OLED stack and is producing the devices in Germany.

Ultimate Image Corporation (UMAGE)

UMAGE logoUltimate Image Corporation (UMAGE) was established in 2011 in Taiwan, with an aim to become an OLED lighting developer. UMAGE designs and develops OLED lighting technologies and systems as a fabless company.

Ason Technology

Ason Technology logoAson Technology was established in 2006 in Japan to develop OLED lighting technologies. The company develops OLED lighting panels, related electronics and inspection equipment.


Toshiba logoToshiba Corporation, based in Japan, is a multinational engineering and electronics corporation. Toshiba develops a wide range of products and services such as information technology equipment, components and materials, power stations, lighting, consumer electronics, household appliances and more.

Toshiba used to develop OLED Lighting panels, with plans to enter the market in 2015 - which never materialized. Toshiba, together with Sony and Hitachi, formed Japan Display in 2011. The company also develops flexible OLED panels.

WAC lighting

WAC lighting logoWAC Lighting is a global innovative lighting designer and manufacturer for Luxury Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Institutional, Retail and Architectural applications.

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