Acuity Brands to expand its OLED lighting portfolio exclusively with OLEDWorks

Acuity Brands announced that from now on it will work exclusively with OLEDWorks to expand its OLED luminaires product portfolio, targeting the architectural lighting market.

Acuity Brands Olessence photo

Acuity Brands has offered OLED lamps and installations for many years, using both OLEDWorks and LG OLEDs. Acuity Brands says that it has worked with OLEDWorks for years, and have found it to be the superior OLED technology in the market".

In September 2018 Acuity Brands launched its latest OLED lamp, the Peerless OLE4 Olessence, a suspended luminaire that combines direct-view OLEDs with LEDs. There are three available models, the 4' (8 OLED panels), 6' (12 OLED panels) and 8' (16 OLED panels). The Olessence uses rectangle OLEDWorks OLED panels. Acuity Brands will showcase the new Slim edition of the Olessence with OLEDWorks panels later this month at the 2019 LIGHTFAIR trade show in Philadelphia.

I have an Acuity Brands' Chalina OLED lamp for almost 4 years now, and I love it and it works perfectly. The Chalina uses five OLED panels produced by LG.

Posted: Apr 30,2019 by Ron Mertens