First-O-Light developed a 111.7 lm/W hybrid OLED device

Updated: This story had some inaccuracies and is now updated with new information from First-O-Lite

China's First-O-Lite says they developed an efficient (111.7 lm/W at 1,000 cd/m2) hybrid OLED lighting device (2 cm2). This is a hybrid device that uses a fluorescent blue emitter along with red and blue phosphorescent emitters. The company says that this is probably the most efficient hybrid OLED device ever produced that can meet the Energy Star color requirements.

First-O-Lite has established a volume production fab and will soon start producing OLED panels. These will feature over 55 lm/W (at 3,000 cd/m2) and will use the company's external light extraction technology.

The world's most efficient OLED lighting device is NEC Lighting's 156 lm/W 2x2 mm device announced in March 2013. The most efficient panel is Panasonic's 114 lm/W 1 square centimeter panel announced in May 2013.

Posted: Nov 02,2013 by Ron Mertens