First-O-Lite updates on their OLED lighting R&D progress

First-O-Lite has sent us an update regarding their OLED lighting R&D progress. The company have successfully developed a hybrid tandem WOLED lighting device, which features 77.2 lm/W and a CRI of 87.2 (@2090 cd/m2). The CIE is (0.46, 0.42).

The company's Gen-1 production line will be able to produce samples by the end of the year. They are also developing a Gen-2 production line (in a $40 million investment) that will be able to produce "large sized" panels by early 2013. The plan is to use the Gen-2 fab to make small-scale production for early market development.


First-O-Lite hybrid structure slide

First O-Lite's panels are using a blue fluorescent material and red and green phosphorescent materials. The tandem panel has two RGB OLED layers one on top of the others which improves lifetime and efficiency and offers several other advantages.

First-O-Lite tandem structure slide

Posted: Jun 14,2012 by Ron Mertens