Coca Cola is using flexible OLED lighting in its Star Wars Singapore promotion campaign

Coca Cola has embedded flexible OLED lighting panels in 8,000 bottles in Singapore, as part of a new Star Wars promotion campaign.

Each device also includes a small battery - enough for around 4,000 seconds of light. Inuru provided the OLED technology for this beautiful (if wasteful) application.

In November 2019 the premium Departure magazine included an innovative ad for Audi's A8 with flexible OLED lighting panels. In 2017 Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED (KMPO) demonstrated its simple flexible OLED lighting panels integrated into packaging technology - which could be the one adopted here (although other companies have demonstrated similar solutions as well).


Posted: Dec 06,2019 by Ron Mertens


Might be inuru

Yes this is indeed OLEDs by Inuru, thanks!

Why wasteful? Would we consider an 85" display to be wasteful because it is larger than absolutely necessary??

This is a good question - I guess a very large TV can be wasteful in energy and materials, yes, but then some would argue that it is a luxury and not a waste.