GLOLED unveiled their first OLED lighting product, the Vuucu

GLOLED unveiled their first product, the Vuucu OLED lighting device. The Vuucu (designed by Keiji Akiba) is an atmospheric lamp that uses a single OLED lighting panel and a folding transparent acrylic board. As you can see in the video ad below, Vuucu can be setup in several methods, including a bedside light or a "penlight" in a hotel reception or bar:

The OLED panel is made by Lumiotec. This is their P05 module which is an all-phosphorescent panel taht features 40 lm/W and 3,000cd/m2.

GLOLED Vuucu photoGLOLED Vuucu covered photo

Vuucu is powered from a micro-USB port (you can also use a USB battery to power it) and consumes 1.8W (at maximum brightness). Vuucu can run in a "fluctuation mode" which mimics the light of the candle. You can see it in the video below:

GLOLED is now offering the panel on sale. You can contact them on the following email: GLOLED was established in 2012 by Watanabe Woolen Spinning company in Osaka with an aim to develop and market OLED lighting based luminaries.

Posted: Mar 07,2013 by Ron Mertens