A few days ago we posted that BMW has announced now that they are starting to produce the M4 GTS at very limited quantities with deliveries are planned to begin in March 2016. The M4 GTS uses OLED taillights - and can be considered the world's first commercial car with OLED lighting (although at 700 units, it's debatable if this is a real commercial car launch).

BMW concept M4 GTS photo

In my post I said that I do not know the supplier of those OLED panels, and today OSRAM contacted me and said that these are OSRAM's panels. It turns out that OSRAM announced that they are the supplier of those panels (or the ones in the M4 GTS concept) back in February.

BMW concept M4 GTS OLED closeup

BMW has been showing several OLED lighting concepts in the past years, collaborating with Astron Fiamm, Philips, LG Chem and OSRAM of course.



OLED Tail lights

So cool they may actually cause traffic incidents where someone

becomes bedazzled by them and gets distracted- and crashes-

or causes a minor accident- Meh those OLED tail lights are so cool we'll

just have to take that chance.

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