LG Chem shows new OLED luminaries, expects to reach 100 lm/W by the end 2014, 140 lm/W by 2016

LG Chem had a large presence at L+B 2014, and the company sent us a few photos and a video of their OLEDs in action. In the past few weeks, the company announced new 320x110 mm panels and also the world's largest OLED at 320x320 mm. All of their new panels feature an increased lifetime (to 40,000 LT70) and a high CRI (over 90).

LG Chem also revealed their efficiency roadmap. Currently all their panels feature 60 lm/W. They already developed 100 lm/W panels and these will be released commercially later in 2014. By 2016 the company hopes to reach 140 lm/W. The standard luminance of the company's panels is 3000 cd/m2, but they can also supply panels with 5,000 or even 8000 cd/m2 (this decreases the lifetime, though).

The luminaire you see in the video and photo above is called Mobius. This one uses the company's new 320x110 panels and was the centerpiece at the company's booth. Below you can see a luminaire that uses LG Chem's upcoming plastic-based truly bendable OLEDs.

LG Chem had 13 luminaries that were designed in-house at the show. The also showed several new collaboration works at the collaboration zone part of the booth (see image below). Some of LG Chem's collaborators include BMW, VW, Glass Trösch, Saint Gobain, JBSB and others. You can also see the company's new OLED desk lamp in the center of the photo.

Posted: Apr 09,2014 by Ron Mertens