LG Electronics' OLED desk lamp uses two LG Chem's flexible OLED lighting panels and can be controlled (via Bluetooth) using a smartphone application. The application can be used to choose one of several light modes (for movies, readying, etc.) or dimming and even turn on or off at a predefined time.

LG OLED desk lamp photo

LG Chem's flexible OLEDs are 210x50 mm in size (0.33 mm thick), and they offer a color temperature of 4,000K, efficacy of 55 lm/W and a brightness of 73 lumens. The CRI is 90 and the lifetime is 40,000 (LT70).

LG Electronics unveiled the desk lamp in April 2014, and reportedly it will launch later in 2014 in Europe for 449 euros.

OLED type: 

Two 210x50 flexible OLED lighting panels

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