LG Chem launches the world's largest OLED lighting panel at 320x320 mm

LG Chem announced the world's largest OLED lighting panel at 320x320 mm (and it's only 1 mm thick!). The N6SD30 features 60 lm/W, 850 lumens brightness (max 1,000), a high CRI (>90) and a color temperature of 3000K.

The lifetime of the N6SD30 is 40,000 (LT70) at 3,000 cd/m2. LG Chem says they managed to extend the panel's lifetime (compared to their older panels) mainly by using the company's own  Face Seal encapsulation technology. In fact, LG Chem upgraded all of their OLED panels to feature this new encapsulation and so all of their panels now feature 40,000 (LT70) lifetime hours.

LG Chem will unveil this panel for the first time next week at the Light + Building 2014 conference. The company is already shipping samples (available on request).

LG Chem 2014 OLED lighting lineup

This is by far the largest OLED on the market, much larger than LG Chem's own N6BB (320x110 mm). Other OLED makers only make 140x140 panels, so LG's panel is over give times larger. The largest OLED lighting panel ever fabricated was a 330x330 mm panel produced by the OLED100.eu project back in 2011 - but this was just a prototype.

Posted: Mar 26,2014 by Ron Mertens