Largest OLED lighting panel (33x33cm) to date developed by the project

The European project developed a new OLED lighting panel that is the largest to date: a 33x33cm2 panel. The new panel offer 25lm/W at 1000 cd/m2 luminance. This relatively good efficiency was achieved using out-coupling and an efficient RGB OLED stack. The panels were fabricated at the Gen-2 line at the Fraunhofer IPMS.

The new panels are based on the on-substrate tiling concept - with 5 segments connected in series. The 33x33cm2 panel itself is seamless and so can be tiled to create larger panels. The active area on each panel is 828cm2 (aperture ratio of 76%).

The is an European OLED lighting project led by Philips, OSRAM, Siemens, Novaled and the Franhofer IPMS. The project's budget is $30 million, and the main objectives are:

  • 100 lumens per watt power efficiency
  • 100,000+ lifetime hours
  • Area of 1 meter by 1 meter
  • Cost of 100 euro per square meter or lower

In January 2009, released an interesting video explaining the project. In July 2009, we have interviewed the project's manager.

Posted: Apr 07,2011 by Ron Mertens