LG Display and LG Chem developed new OLED dopant materials

LG Display announced that it has developed new OLED "p-Dopant" materials, in collaboration with LG Chem. The two companies have been working together for around 10 years, and they say that the new developed material matches the efficiency and performance of its currently-used materials imported into Korea.

LG Display already committed to use the new materials in both its large-area WOLED production lines and the small and medium mobile AMOLED lines. 


Last month it was reported that LG Chem sold its display polarizer business, with an aim to focus on its core growth areas. It was not specified, but it is likely that OLED materials is within the company's new narrower scope.

Posted: Oct 09,2023 by Ron Mertens


Would this having any affect on UDC?