LG Chem developed a PET-based foldable OLED cover film, says it is more durable than Polyimide and UTG

LG Chem announced that it has developed a new PET-based foldable OLED cover film. LGC says its new film is thinner and more durable than both polyimide films and Ultra-Thin Glass, currently used in foldable OLEDs.

PET-based foldable OLED cover film (LG Chem)

LG Chem designed new materials, which are coated on both sides of the PET film to strengthen its heat resistance and mechanical properties. The company says the new film withstands over 200,000 folding cycles.

LG Chem plans to finish the development and begin production by 2022, and will start offering the films to foldable OLED smartphone makers in 2023. LG Chem is also developing a process to deposit a protection cover directly on the foldable OLED panel, to avoid the need for a cover film at all. This project will likely reach the market, if successful, at a later stage.

Posted: Sep 08,2021 by Ron Mertens