BMW's M4 GTS, with its OLED taillights, go into limited production

Update: it turns out that OSRAM is the supplier of those OLEDs

A few weeks ago, BMW unveiled their latest top-of-the-range racing-grade road car, the Concept M4 GTS, that has OLED taillights. BMW has announced now that they are starting to produce this car commercially - but at very limited quantities - in fact only 700 will be made, and deliveries are planned to begin in March 2016.

So this will be the first commercial car with OLED lighting - although this really very limited production so I'm not sure if it counts. A few days ago Audi announced their intentions to be the world's first automaker to launch a car with OLED taillights - but I think BMW will now claim that first. BMW actually always targeted 2017 for their first OLED car, so it's great to see them release this new technology ahead of schedule




We do not know who is providing the OLEDs for BMW's M4 GTS. BMW has been showing several OLED lighting concepts in the past years, collaborating with Astron Fiamm, Philips, LG Chem and OSRAM.

Posted: Oct 07,2015 by Ron Mertens