BMW unveiled their latest top-of-the-range racing-grade road car, the Concept M4 GTS. From what I understand, this car, despite the 'Concept' part in its name, will actually be available in limited-production.

BMW concept M4 GTS photo

The Concept M4 GTS has some new technologies, one of them being OLED taillights. BMW has been showing several OLED lighting concepts in the past years, collaborating with Astron Fiamm, Philips, LG Chem and OSRAM. I do not know who provides the OLEDs for this new concept.

If BMW will actually start selling this M4 GTS, even in limited production, it will be the world's first OLED-equipped automobile. If they do it in 2016, it will confirm Car and Driver's claim from a few months ago (although it referred to an OLED-equipped M2 car). BMW actually always targeted 2017 for their first OLED car, but it may be that they will release the M4 GTS sooner, that will be great.

BMW concept M4 GTS OLED closeup

Audi, meanwhile, says that the company's upcoming 2017 flagship, the A8 Saloon car will sport OLED lighting too. It's great to see auto makers finally start adopting OLEDs, and hopefully later on OLEDs will be used in more popular cars and not just high end ones.

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