Audi issued a press release today, towards theĀ eleventh International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL 2015) which will take place next week, in which they say that OLED technology is the "next step in automotive lighting" - and Audi says that they want to be the first company to introduce OLED lighting in the tail lights of production cars.

Audi e-tron Quattro concept rear photo

Earlier this month Audi unveiled their new luxury electric crossover concept car, the e-tron quattro - with OLEDs in all of its displays, its frontlights and its taillights. This is just a concept car, but Audi will release an all-electric sport SUV in 2018, and hopefully they will adopt the OLEDs by then.

But 2018 will not be good enough, as reports say that BMW is gearing up to release a premium car with OLED lighting next year. It will be interesting to see which German car maker will be the first to actually release a car with OLED lights!



Automobile market

I hope Audi will also invest to support development of OLED lighting for Automobile because it's far from validation or release in 2018, particularly knowing there is now only 1 big manufacturer fully committed to Automobile lighting market (I'm not talking about display).

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