BMW expects OLED lighting in commercial cars within 3 years

BMW hosted a workshop called "Light Days" which detailed the history, present and future of lighting in automobiles. BMW says that the future lighting technology will be OLED, and they expect to start selling cars with OLED lighting within 3 years.

BMW says that the high homogeneity of OLEDs has several advantages (as you can see in the slide above) - mainly that it enables new styling options, it's efficient and long lasting and can offer high exclusivity. The company showed a prototype taillight design that uses Philips OLEDs. We also know that LG Chem are collaborating with BMW. This design seems pretty similar to Hella's own OLED prototype (which uses LG Chem's panels).

BMW's 3 years estimate is consistent with previous estimates. OSRAM for example sees OLEDs adopted in series production of new vehicles by 2016.

Posted: Apr 10,2014 by Ron Mertens