OSRAM: automotive demand will drive down OLED pricing

OSRAM already stated in the past that OLED is the next technological development for car lighting, and the company sees OLEDs adopted in series production of new vehicles by 2016. At the L+B exhibition, Osram unveiled a new OLED Module for the automotive market, and the company's OLED chief said that demand for organic solutions from the automotive sector will drive down prices and increase product innovation.

The company are also showing their new panels at the event. Those panels offer 65 lm/W, 15,000 hours lifetime and output about 600 lux. To showcase those new panels, the company unveiled a new pendant luminaire designed by Werner Aisslinger. The luminaire uses 16 OLED panels.

Two months ago the OLED Association reported that OSRAM developed a new 70 lm/W panel. So this is probably that panel (although it's a bit less efficient at 65 lm/W). According to the report from February, Osram wants to reach 110 lm/W by 2016 and 125 lm/W by 2018.

Posted: Apr 02,2014 by Ron Mertens