The OLED Association reports that OSRAM developed a new 70 lm/W OLED lighting panel that feature 3,000 cd/m2 luminance. This panel will be released in 2014.

According to the report, Osram wants to reach 110 lm/W by 2016 and 125 lm/W by 2018. At that point (in 2018) OLEDs will be competitive with LEDs.



Comparative Graph of Competing OLED Panels, etc, Nearing Release

Can you find a chart/graph that will compare the luminosity, cost, size, effieciency, weight, manufacturer and any other pretinent facts about this the OLED Tech that will be or soon be available for the average comsumer.  I'm not lookig for 'kits' displays or art pieceswith OLED's in them, but what the comsumer could use to PRACTICAL purpose. Also as an amateur astronomer and a agressive campaigner against LIGHT POLLUTION, are there any considerations being taken in this facet of OLED luminaries? And Please, more updates, this is getting exciting!! Thanks !!

Tom,It's a bit too early for


It's a bit too early for this data - especially the price. I believe that OLEDs will not reach consumers/retail on a wide basis until 2016 at the earliest. However in my OLED Handbook you can find some of this info and some forecasts for the future.


Any rough estimation on $/klm with this new panel?


possibilities in that time I use it in Colombia    measures in terms of cost and weight to what the difference philips

thank you


As far as I know, last Philips single panel has the lowest price and the highest lumen density. Other panels have much less than 300 lm.

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