Hella uses LG Chem's flexible OLEDs to develop an automobile rear light module prototype

German based lighting expert Hella showed a new automobile rear light module prototype that uses curved flexible OLEDs. The module uses 28 flexible OLED lighting panels (made by LG Chem) that were bent so each is shaped differently and so it creates a unique 3D structure.

Hella designed this module in collaboration with BMW. Hella says that because OLEDs offer light emitting areas (in contrast to LEDs which are spot lighting) they open new possibilities for lighting in and around a vehicle.

This is not Hella's first OLED lighting automobile prototype. The company was part of the German So-Light project which was concludes in January 2013. As part of the project, Hella designed automotive indoor lighting and a car rear-light with red OLEDs. The OLEDs in those prototypes were COMEDD's TABOLA OLED lighting panels.

Posted: Apr 03,2014 by Ron Mertens