The German So-Light OLED project successfully concluded, announce results

The German OLED project So-Light has been successfully completed. This 3.5 years, €14.7 million project (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) addressed the complete value chain, from primary OLED materials through to OLED-lighting applications.

HELLA red OLED car rear-light photo

The So-light partners announced the following results:

New materials

  • Novaled and Sensient jointly developed a new p-doped hole transport system with potential for lower absorption and lower cost scaleability than previous materials. The jointly developed materials will be commercialized by Novaled.
  • Novaled made significant progress towards a fully air-stable n-doped electron transport layer. After more R&D work it is expected that this will lead to a commercial offering.
  • Sensient developed new host materials for OLED emitter layers which gave rise to efficiency enhancements in a reference OLED.
  • The University of Muenster, together with Sensient, synthesized new platinum(II)-complexes. Used as triplet emitters, they enabled outstanding high quantum efficiencies for Pt(II) complexes of up to 75% (for green) and high current efficiencies of up to 16cd/A (green-yellow colour)
Posted: Jan 31,2013 by Ron Mertens