The EU-funded Flexolighting project believes that OLED lighting cost can be reduced to 1 Euro per 100 lumens

In 2015, the EU launched the €4.4 million Flexolighting project (led by Brunel University London) with an aim to develop new materials, processes and methods to overcome current OLED lighting challenges - including lifetime, lighting uniformity and more.

Flexolighting project OLED lighting cost reduction estimates

The project's consortium announced that following the project completion and a rethinking of the complete OLED supply chain, it believes that high efficiency OLED lighting panels can be produced at a cost that is on a similar level with LED lighting.

The Flexolighting project partners estimated in 2015 that the cost of producing an OLED lighting panel is around €15 per 100 lumens. By introducing several new techniques (including new substrate materials, printing of some of the layers, a novel new encapsulation process and light extraction films that boost the efficiency) the cost can be reduced to around €1 per 100 lumens.

The project partners include Aixtron (the OLED layer deposition itself is done via OVPD), TATA Steel Europe, Beneq, and UK's Marks & Spencer.

Posted: Sep 23,2018 by Roni Peleg