Ars Technica - LG latest flexible OLEDs suffer from serious quality issues

A couple of days ago we reported that Android Authority reviewed LG V30's display, which uses LGD's flexible pOLED panels, with very positive results - saying that LGD's mobile OLEDs are highly competitive with Samsung's latest Super AMOLED displays.

LG V30 display quality (Ars Technica, Sep 2017)

Ars Technica also posted an early review of a pre-production V30 device, but its conclusions are very different. While the display sounds great on paper, Ars Technica says (and it's got photos to prove) that in a dark room the display suffers from a grainy image and horizontal banding. The light level is also woefully uneven, with hotspots blazing out of the left and right corners.

Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo placed the LG V30 next to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the photo above shows how LG's pOLEDs fare against Samsung's Super AMOLEDs. The S8 produces a smooth, consistent color from the top of the display to the bottom, but th V30's display brightness is very uneven. Ron concludes by saying that the LG display simply "looks so much worse".

Granted, this is a pre-production unit, and hopefully LGD will be able to sort these quality issues soon. Last month we reported that LGD is still facing very low yields at its 6-Gen E5 line, and so has to produce the V30 displays at its Gen-4.5 flexible AMOLED line. Perhaps this pre-production unit uses displays made at the low-yield E5 which still suffers from many defects.

Posted: Sep 04,2017 by Ron Mertens


Actually,LG OLED has this problem even in their OLED TV all the times 

Leaving out 'pre-production' in the title is misleading both in this post and Ron's original article.

This is total fabrication. I own a late model 2015 4K OLED 55" that I purchased in Jan 2016 and I have had ZERO (0) issues with banding, retention or anything else you want to claim. If you do just a small bit of research into which TV's are the best on the market you will find LG's 3 or 4 OLED's at top of that list. LG is also supplying Sony and Philips with these panels and they too are among the best 4K OLED's on the market...