The new set of materials rely on DuPont hole-injection layer (HIL) material and include those essential in the construction of an OLED display, such as light-emitting and charge-transport materials.

DuPont Displays said it has also exceeded the reported performance of other solution-based OLED materials and has measured accelerated lifetimes of the three primary colors that could translate in a display to 20,000 hours of white lifetime (which is extended by as much as five times when showing video) at a normal viewing brightness (200 cd/m2). At 1000 cd/m2 -- the standard test luminance used in the industry -- the DuPont materials have lifetimes (T50) of 14,000 hours for blue with CIE 1931 color coordinates of (0.14, 0.16), 230,000 hours for green with color coordinates of (0.29, 0.65), and 46,000 hours for red with color coordinates of (0.66, 0.34).

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