Wisechip sees fast growth in the wearable display market, is world's second largest PMOLED maker

Taiwan-based PMOLED maker Wisechip says that the company is the world's second largest PMOLED maker, and is now enjoying the surge in the PMOLED wearable market - due to its three-year long focus on that market.

IHS PMOLED market forecasts chart 2014-2018

Wisechip quotes IHS DisplaySearch that sees the PMOLED market growing from 53.5 million units ($368 million in sales) to over 70 million units (and almost $450 million in sales) in 2015. The volume growth will continue until 2018, while revenues will reach a peak in 2016 and then decline (due to lower average panel costs, evidently). Most of the growth will come from wearable devices and smart home applications.

According to WiseChip, Digitimes Research also sees the wearable market growing fast in coming years, and forecasts a 73.2% CAGR growth PMOLED panel shipments to Chinese smart watch makers.

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Posted: Aug 24,2015 by Ron Mertens