A Q&A with Dr. York Tsai, Wisechip's Vice President of R&D

WiseChip Semiconductor, based in Taiwan, is one of the world's leading PMOLED maker (in fact in 2015 Wisechip said it's the world's second largest). Wisechip is developing next-generation PMOLED displays, including flexible panels, transparent panels and Hyperfluorescence/TADF PMOLEDs.

Wisechip headquarters photo

WiseChip recently announced its first, and the world’s first, Hyperfluorescence display, using TADF materials provided by Kyulux. Can you tell some more about this display and its properties?

This 2.70 128x64 product is adopted mostly in industrial products. The size matters in such market but the main problem was to increase the brightness due to the limited efficiency of the fluorescence emitters. The Hyperfluorescence technology helps to settle the problem and can reach up 2.5 times brighter. It performs much better readability so users do not have to stand right in front of the device. This feature adds to the value of the end product.

What kind of applications do you see benefiting from HF technology compared to your regular PMOLEDs?

The Hyperfluorescence technology helps to increase the brightness and to lower the current consumption as well the driver IC temperature. It creates the feasibility of enlarging PMOLED sizes.

Wisechip Hyperfluorescence TADF PMOLED photo

Do you plan to offer more HF panels in the future?

Yes, WiseChip is planning more Hyperfluorescence products.

WiseChip is offering two transparent PMOLEDs. How do you see demand for such displays?

The market is growing gradually and steady.

Does WiseChip plan to release more standard transparent OLEDs in the future?

Currently, most transparent OLED products are customized. WiseChip will continuously gather the customer inquiries to plan for further new standard transparent OLEDs.

WiseChip is also offering bendable (curvable) PMOLEDs. How is the market reaction for such display?

Bendable is just one of the features. People also like it Is so thin and not fragile.

Wisechip flexible PMOLED photo

The PMOLED market is always going through changes. Currently it seems as one of the major markets, fitness bands, is favoring small AMOLEDs to PMOLED displays. What is your current view on the PMOLED market?

PMOLED requires lower MOQ and less development fee which is perfect to the custom project. People like special and unique to show their own character. AMOLED is really attractive and eye catching but the end product using it will all look the same without personality. PMOLED indeed will be not the main stream in display technologies but it can be easily add onto a product for differentiation.

What is the current effect of the Corona pandemic on WiseChip? and on the PMOLED market in general?

Although the Corona pandemic had impacted the demand of consumer-like market, the medical and home appliance market is still strong - and even growing. PMOLED market had already shifted from consumer application to others, such as industrial, medical, optical instrument, home appliance and so on in the last two years. We believe PMOLED market and applications will be wider and growing gradually in near future.

Thank you Dr. Tsai, stay safe and good luck!

Posted: May 14,2020 by Ron Mertens