Wisechip demonstrates a new miniature PMOLED-based near-eye display

Wisechip has unveiled a new miniature near-eye display module that is based on a small PMOLED display. The company says that this cost-effective solution offers high-contrast and low-power, and can be used for rapid development and applications that only require a simple information display.

The display module combines a 0.19" monochrome (white) PMOLED display, and a small optical system. Wisechip says that the whole module can work up to 20 hours powered by a 70mAh lithium battery.


Wisechip is showing a sample application, the Smart Cycling Device, that enables riders to keep their eyes on the road while showing important information.

This is a very interesting concept, to use a low-cost PMOLED alternative to high-end OLED microdisplays (or LCD/LCoS ones). The performance is far from similar, but indeed for quick prototyping and simple applications, this could be an interesting solution, especially as Wisechip offers it as a complete module with optics.

Posted: Mar 03,2023 by Ron Mertens