Wisechip announces its second TADF/HF PMOLED device

PMOLED display maker Wisechip has launched its second TADF/HF OLED display, a 5.5" 256x64 yellow PMOLED device. The company says that by using Kyulux's Hyperfluoresence™ OLED technology it offers double the brightness compared to its standard OLEDs.

Wisechip is the first and only company to commercialize TADF/HF device. The company's first device was launched in 2020, a 2.7" yellow PMOLED.


In 2022 Kyulux announced that it is getting ready to commercialize AMOLED red, green and blue TADF/HF emitter systems. Kyulux expects to see its green material enter mass production (and adoption) in the second half of 2023, for smartphone AMOLED displays. The red material will follow suit with production in early 2024, while its bule material should enter the market before the end of 2024.

Posted: Apr 04,2023 by Ron Mertens