Will Google and Samsung partner on OLED TVs?

Google's CEO Larry Page visited Samsung's OLED facilities, and apparently Page is "interested in Samsung's OLED business". According to some reports, the two companies may discuss a partnership on OLED TV panels, perhaps akin to Google's collaboration with LG on Google TV. Or it might be that Google are interested in introducing their own branded TV set, but I don't think it's likely they'll go for highly expensive OLED panels yet.

Samsung is already providing OLED panels to several Android smartphones, including ones made by Google's Motorola Mobility. Some reports suggest that Motorola's upcoming device, code named Google X, will sport an unbreakable OLED display. Google themselves has filed for several patents involving OLED technology (or actually software tailored for OLED panels).

Posted: Apr 28,2013 by Ron Mertens


at least Samsung hasnt mass produced any OLED TV, i think LG is probably a better choice since it 55 inch OLED TV has already hit the market.