Will Apple add SDC as a second flexible OLED supplier for the next-gen Watch?

The first-generation Apple Watch uses a flexible OLED display, exclusively produced by LG Display. New reports say that Apple signed up Samsung Display to be the second flexible OLED supplier for the next-generation Watch.

This is actually quite funny - even before the official launch of the Watch in March 2015, we heard the same report. Later on it was said that Apple decided to make LGD the exclusive flexible OLED display supplier for the Watch 2. And now we're back to the first report with SDC as a supplier.

I wanted to say something cynical about all those Apple OLED rumors, but when I think about it, OLED-Info is also always happy to report about these rumors (mostly to keep the site comprehensive, though, not because I think it is really useful journalism).

Several other reports suggested that LGD is struggling with production issues which caused Apple to scale back its Watch production.

Posted: Jul 03,2015 by Ron Mertens