Apple is set to officially launch their Watch wearable device next week. It's been pretty much confirmed that it uses a flexible OLED display produced exclusively by LG Display. Back in June 2014 it was reported that Apple is in talks with Samsung Display to become the second supplier of flexible OLED displays to their wearable devices.

A new report from Korea suggests that while LGD remains the sole supplier to the first-gen Apple Watch, Apple has signed a deal with SDC to become the second supplier to the next-generation wearable, which is expected in the second half of 2015 or early 2016.

This makes sense for Apple as the company (like any company, really) is never happy to be tied to a single exclusive supplier for a crucial component such as the display. It also makes sense for Samsung that will have a lot of flexible OLED capacity ready by the second half of 2015, with still no real application for it (besides its own wearable devices which are not a great success yet and its curved smartphones).

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