Apple Watch

Apple's first wearable device, the Watch, is also the company's first product with an OLED display. It uses a flexible OLED panel produced by LG Display. There are several Watch models, some use a 38mm display (272x340, 290 PPI) and some a slightly larger 42 mm panel (312x390, 302 PPI). Apple refers to the display as a flexible Retina display.

Besides the square flexible OLED, the Watch has a new custom-designed Apple S1 processor, 8GB of storage, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, three sensors (Accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate monitor) and the new Watch OS. There are several Watch editions, ranging from $349 to $17,000. Apple started shipping the Watch on April 24th 2015.

OLED type:  

Flexible AMOLED (272x340 or 312x390)

Posted:   Apr 24,2015 by Ron Mertens