Article last updated on: Aug 11, 2019

In recent years OLED technology has emerged as the leading display technology for wearable devices - for fitness bands, smartwatches and VR headsets, due to the great image quality, the low power consumption and to the design possibilities enabled by flexible OLEDs. For more information on OLED displays for wearables, and the latest industry news, click here.

Following is a list of wearable devices with OLED displays:

Apple Watch Series 6 / 6 SE

Apple's sixth-generation Watch wearable sports a 40 mm LTPO 324x394 AMOLED display (or 44 mm 368x448 on the larger edition). The Watch Series 6 features Apple's latest S6 processor, 32GB of storage, and a heart rate, blood oxygen and ECG sensors.

Apple Watch Series 6 photo

The Watch SE has the same displays, but features a slower processor (Apple S5), and doe not include the blood oxygen and ECG sensors.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Xiaomi's Mi Smart Band 6 is a fitness tracker that features a 1.56-inch 152×486 AMOLED display, several sensors including an SpO2 oxygen level sensor, a heart rate tracker and an optional NFC.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 photo

The Mi Smart Band 6 will ship soon in China starting at $35.

OnePlus Watch

The OnePlus Watch features a 1.39" 454x454 AMOLED display, 4GB of storage, and heart rate and SpO2 sensors. The watch is based on OnePlus' own OS.

OnePlus Watch photo

The OnePlus Watch will ship by the end of April 2021 for around $190.

OnePlus Band

The OnePlus Band is a fitness tracker that sports a 1.1-inch 126x294 AMOLED display, a 2-week battery life and heart rate and Spo2 sensors.

OnePlus Band photo

The OnePlus Band will ship soon globally for around $35.

TCL Wearable Display

TCL's Wearable Display is a VR HMD that is powered by dual 1080p Sony OLED Microdisplays to enable a 140-FOV display. The Wearable Display does not contain its own CPU or battery and is powered by a USB Type-C connector.

TCL Wearable Display photo

TCL did not yet detail the price and availability of the Wearable Display headset.

Honor Band 6

The Honor Band 6 is the company's latest wearable, that sports a 1.46-inch 194x364 AMOLED display, health tracking (including an oxygen - SpO2 monitor and heart rate monitor) and a two week battery.

Honor Band 6 photo

The Honor Band 6 is now shipping globally.

Realme Watch S Pro

Realme's Watch S Pro is a smartwatch that features a 1.39-inch 454x454 Super AMOLED display and several sensors in addition to Bluetooth and GPS connectivity.

Realme Watch S Pro photo

The Watch S Pro will ship by the end of 2020 for around $130.

Epson Moverio BT-40

Epson Moverio BT-40 AR glasses adopt the company's latest Si-OLED microdisplays (0.453-inch, 1920x1200) that reach a 34-degree FOV and USB-C connectivity and an improved design compared to Epson's previous-generation Moverio glasses.

Epson Moverio BT-40 photo

The Moverio BT-40 will start shipping by the end of 2020. Epson also offers the BT-40S which add an "Intelligent" Android Controller for custom software integration.

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