Visionox new ViP OLED technology uses photolithography-based patterning to increase display performance

Visionox is introducing a new OLED production technology, called Visionox Intelligent Pixelization (or ViP for short) that enables higher-density display production, at over 1,700 PPI.

The idea behind ViP is to replace the fine metal mask (FMM) method with photolithography-based pixel patterning. The process offers several advantages, mainly the increase of aperture ratio to almost 70% (Visionox says the currently reach 69%). FMM methods usually achieve up to 30%, which means that brightness, efficiency and lifetime can all be increased.


Visionox reports that when combined with its tandem-stack architecture, its ViP OLEDs enjoy a 6X increase in lifetime, or about 4X increase in brightness, compared to its standard FMM AMOLEDs.

Visionox has succeeded in producing small ViP display prototypes (you can see one above), and the company is now developing mass production capabilities. The company started developing this technology in 2016.

Posted: May 10,2023 by Ron Mertens


Sony OLED viewfinders are made that for about 10 years.

Yes, but Sony is producing microdisplays on silicon, here Visionox is talking about TFT AMOLED displays.